Stop a report running


I want to write a report where the user has the ability to stop it. What will happen is that when the report is run a dialogue box will appear asking a questions and have the choise of Yes, No, Stop. When the user selects stop the report will terminate and any other items in the Ayanova view will not be processed. For instance I am on the items units view and limited to teh first fifty items. After being asked about the first ten itemsin teh report the user selects stop. Which means the other forty items will not be processed.

Any ideas I would be grateful.

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Hello Martin

This is not an ability of the report template designer.

With AyaNova, if you want to run a report on specific records, you first FILTER the grid to show ONLY those records. Then select your report which will than display only those records in that grid.
I highly recommend that you review about filtering grids and its tutorials starting to walk you through examples of doing this.
And if you would like to provide specific details of what is to be filtered (i.e. clients, units, workorder items, etc) and what to filter by (i.e. name, serial number, a specific date field, etc) I would be happy to help confirm steps with you.

  • Joyce