Subgrid entries marked as inactive can still be selected

Hi again,

We’ve just noted that entries in at least one of our subgrid’s can now be selected and used even when marked as inactive.

The specific example of this I know you will ask for is the workorderitemtype field. We have above fifteen active entries and four inactive entries. Previously when an entry was marked as inactive it could not be selected from that grid, but could still be seen when previously set. Now, all entries can be seen regardless of active/inactive status.

We only noticed this recently but it could have changed when we upgraded to Ayanova 5 - it could also have happened more recently. Unfortunately we are not sure when as it was noticed by accident.

We have made numerous changes to reports and other things in ayanova but we have not changed the permissions that apply to the workorderitemtype related fields so I can’t think of something we can reverse or change to track this down.

Any suggestions?

Hi Jason, we’ve checked and the ability to still see inactive Workorder Item Types has actually been like this since AyaNova version 3. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that it can be addressed.

Have checked all of the various drop down selections in a workorder, and the following two subgrids will continue to show even if set inactive at this time:
Workorder Item Types

Development has been made aware of this issue. Unfortunately internally thiswill require a huge change in how AyaNova works to have these not show if inactive, so it may not be made available in a quickfix but we will try to have this resolved as soon as we can.

  • Joyce

This issue has been addressed in AyaNova 6.0