Hi Joyce…

we would like to see external e-mail available, not just internal like Ayanova has currently. This would be for notification of new jobs, updates etc…

In ARAS - when faxing a WO, make it so that ARAS handles the fax request in the background. AT the moment, we have to wait for verification that the fax has been sent - which can be time consuming. (maybe add e-mail WO feature)

Also in ARAS, when logging into an existing job, have an option to change customer rather than loading the entire customer list - this also takes more time to load.

Cheers for now!


We will have notifcations by email and text messaging

There will be no more ARAS - we will be utilizing Microsoft IIS for remote access.Everything will be different as the entire AyaNova program has been redesigned and redeveloped. Refer also to the other posts regarding remote access in this next generation AyaNova forum.

As far as I know right now, faxing is not a built in feature of Microsoft IIS, other than by third party solutions that may now be available since ARAS was introduced.

When the next generation becomes available, please have a look and let us know if any additional suggestions at that time.

We have been using AyaNova successfully under Terminal Services for a number of years. Although we have managed to customize most of it to meet our needs, I am happy to see a number of ourcustomizations and workarounds appear to beinAyaNova v3 .

One item we have not mentionedin previous wish list emailsis ourneed for a “label” to be produced as part of the work order. Whensomethingcomes in to our shop for service, we needto attach a paper labelso that it doesn’t get lost. To date we have simply made a second copy of the work order and then scotch tapedit tothe front of the customer’s product. I am hoping AyaNova v3 will include a way to easily printa customized label that we can continue to tape to the front. Comments?

Larry MacDonald

Hello Larry

The next generation AyaNova will have an internal report designer (no need for a third party report design program like Crystal Reports) so that you can quite easily create any type of custom report - whether it be a label, a full page document, reports on multiple workorders, 2D charts, 3D charts, address labels, etc etc etc.

The report designer will allow you to not just customize layout, but also easily plunk down data fields where you want data to display.

We will be including tutorials in the documentation as well as including a number of reports that can be customized to your exact needs.

Also as identified in other topics ,a report manager feature in the next generation AyaNova will allow you to import custom report formats from other AyaNova users, as well as additional report formats we will post for those that will want to use them.Once the next generation is released, we will include a new forum where AyaNova users can share their custom reports as it will be a simple import to do so.