Summary of a summary?

I have attempted to create a summary report Grouped by UnitModel and WorkorderStatus with the serial number in the details. I’ve successfully done this, however I was curious if it was possible to put a summary of the details of the report in ReportHeader.

For example, the report output currently looks like this:

Unit Details and Status
Model Serial Status

UnitA Serial1 Repaired
UnitA Serial2 Repaired
UnitA Serial3 Repaired

UnitA Serial8 Not Economical to Repair
UnitA Serial9 Not Economical to Repair

UnitB Serial5 Repaired
UnitB Serial6 Repaired

What I would like is a box at the top of the entire report that would provide a count of each group so that you could get the numbers at a glance.

Unit Overview
Model Quantity Status

UnitA 3 Repaired
UnitA 2 Not Economical to Repair
UnitB 2 Repaired


I would say no, that would not be possible because the ReportHeader prints before any thing else, so the data from your detail area has not yet been figured out.

  • Joyce

Would it be possible in the ReportFooter?

Sure. A suggestion would be use similar to topic Use-the-Count-Summary-function-in-a-report-template , but use for the Report instead of for a Group

I would be happy to provide you with a quote to do this if you would like. Although in this case won’t need to send everything as per topic Custom-report-templates , do export your existing report template to a file, attach in an email to, reference this forum topic and what you want it to do, also export a report to a file too so that I can see example data from you too

  • Joyce

When placing a Count in the report footer, this seems to just count the total number of lines in in the entire report. I don’t see a way of selecting a certain set of data.

Hi again, there’s not a specific example of this in the sample report templates but if you would like me to do this for you, I would be happy to do so - send as per previous so that I can provide a quote. It might be something easy and simple (and therefore minimum cost or no cost) or it may be really involved - but until receive as requested, its hard for me to say as don’t have your report template to refer to. You can also attach directly to your reply to this forum topic too.

  • Joyce