Tasks do not appear on Dispatch ticket in the same order as they do on-screen

We added3 new tasks, inlogical order, to the end of an existing a Task Group.

When we open the workorder they appear on-screen in the order they need to be performed but when we print the Dispatch Ticket the 3 new tasks, although still in logical order, end up in the middle of theTask List.

I double-checkedthe properties for the SortFieldsunderthe"DetailReportTask" bandin the template and it’s just as its always has been, No Sorting.

The template has been in use for months and the only change made was to the Task List.

I am unable tosee any way I canfix this.

Any Suggestions?



Always provide specifics details if you wish help with a report template or printing.

  1. As always, provide an export of the report template in use.

  2. Also provide a report export (in Print Preview, select Export -> Word or PDF) of this precise report

  3. Also providethe followingscreenshots:

-what it looks like in the Task Group
-what it looks like in the workorder entry screen
-any other workorder items Tasksin this workorder entry screen

  1. Are you selecting additional Task Groups in this one workorder item, or just the one Task Group with itstasks?
  • Joyce

Without specific details from you, I attempted to do recreate what I “think” you are doing, but I show no problem.

-I added three new tasks to an existing Task Group
-I selected that Task Group for a workorder item - it shows all of the tasks in the order they are set up in the Task Group.
-I saved the workorder
-I selected to print the Sample Dispatching Report
-All tasks display in the same order they show in the workorder item.

Please recreate the issue. Perhaps you had forgot to do something, or thought the tasks were in a certain order, etc.

If you continue to enconter an issue, doprovide specific details requested above so that I can recreate exactly as you have done and identify where this is coming from.

  • Joyce


To be more specific…

  1. We added three new Tasks to the end of a Task Group.

  2. When we print a Dispatch Ticket for any work order that contains this specific Task Group the three new Tasks don’t print at the end of the Task Group “To Do” list. Instead they end up being placed in the middle of the “To Do” list.

I’ve attached:

  1. An export of the Dispatch Ticket template used.

  2. A Print Preview report exported to a .pfd file that was created using attached Dispatch Ticket template

  3. Three screenshots -
    A. The Task Group showing the three newly addedTasks and their correct order.
    B. The work order Task entry screen that also shows one additional task immediately proceeding the start of these three new Tasks.
    C. A Print Preview using the Dispatch Ticket Report template showing the three newly added Tasks out of order.

We are only selectingthis one Task Group forthe work order.

When we add any of the other Task Groups to any Workorder they print correctly using this same Dispatch Template.


Hi Bob

Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m going to download your zip file and recreate and will post back.

  • Joyce

Hello again Bob

I recreated based on the screenshots you sent of the Task Group entry screen and the workorder. I am not able to get the same result as you. Please read through.

  1. I first created a Task Group with the one task item. Saved it.

  2. I than added the three additional tasks and saved it.

  1. I than selected that Task Group in a workorder (order is exactly as in the Task Group entry screen) and saved the workorder.

  1. I than, using your report imported report template, selected it from the Print menu, and my print preview shows the tasks in the same order as they are in the workorder, as well as within the Task Group entry screen.

  1. What I find weird is - the PDF you sent me shows a number of additional Tasks that are not even in your screenshot of the workorder? Where are you getting those other tasks from that are showing in your PDF file - I’ve posted a screenshot of your PDF here. I think maybe you are viewing the wrong workorder that has different tasks

Hi Joyce,

For Item #6 of your reply. The .pdf report is correct. There are twenty-one tasks in the group. They all don’t fit into the Workorder or Task Group screen views.

I scrolled down in both screens to display and get a screenshot showing the last four tasks in the group; one existing plus the last three that were recently added.

I was hoping to avoid this but the only resolve I can see is recreating the Task Group from scratch. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

I know this http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2826-65-1.aspx?Highlight=Tasks.would make this particular “Task” easier - :wink:

I’ll post back with the results.


But Bob, the reason why I asked if you were referring to a different workorder that has different tasks in it is that the screenshots you sent me of the Task Group entry screen and of the Tasks screen in the workorder only show a total of four tasks.

The screenshots you sent me of your Task Group is just like that I show in my reply. Ditto for the Tasks screen in the workorder.

If you have more tasks showing for that workorder item, send a screenshot that shows them all so that I can reproduce exactly. Thank you

  • Joyce