Tax Codes - need to create new and make inactive old


As outlined in the AyaNova online Help section “Tax Codes” the percentages for existing tax codes can not be edited. Only the name of the tax code and/or whether it is active or not is editable.

Canadians GST tax will be lowered from 6% to 5% in the new year, and the following is an example of what would be done as need a new Tax Code.

-AyaNova user has an existing Tax Code called “GST Only”
-“GST Only” has 0% for Tax A and 6% for Tax B
-On January 1 2008, the GST % will decrease from 6% to 5%
-The AyaNova Canadian user will create a new tax code record called “5% GST Only” with 0% for Tax A and 5% for Tax B
-The AyaNova Canadian user will check their Global Settings. If the original “GST Only” tax code is selected as a default in any of the default tax codes, he will deselect them, and instead select the new “5% GST Only” tax code, save and exit AyaNova and log back in.
-The AyaNova Canadian user will edit the name of their existing tax code “GST Only” to “6% GST Only”, and will uncheck the Active for this tax.
-Now the 6% GST tax rate will no longer be selectable in any new workorders etc. Where it was selected before, it will remain selected but be grayed out to make you aware that it is now an inactive tax code.

You can not edit the percentage for an existing tax code becausse if you did, you would affect the taxes applied on old workorders, PO’s etc. So you create a new tax code if the taxes change, and make inactive any old tax rate.

  • Joyce