Tax codes rounding issue?

Has anyone experienced this before, or know the fix for it?:

My state is 6% sales tax, my Quickbooks is setup the same. Under the new AyaNova 3.x I am using tax on my workorders now so that both the workorder and invoice match. The problem i’m having, is that some workorders are showing .01 cent difference on tax.

For example I have a Aya workorder with several parts and some labor (we have no labor tax here). The parts total on BOTH QB and Aya is 306.80,and ayanova and QB are set to 6% sales tax. The tax in Ayanova shows up as 18.42, and QB shows it as 18.41, so AyaNova is rounding up a penny somehow. This does not happen on every invoice, I have just posted several, workorders and some with only 1 or 2 parts are the right total. Another invoice is the same, $149.85, ayanova shows it at $9.00 tax, QB is $8.99, and after running it through the calculator the tax should be 8.991, so it looks like its rounding up incorrectly?

Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!


Hi Brandon

Do provide full information on the examples of the parts and their quantities where this is occurring:

For example, what is the individual part retail charge and what is the quantity of thispart in the workorder what does the total tax amount and Line Total amount display in a AyaNova report template, and what does the total tax amount and Line Total display in QuickBooks.

  • Joyce

Hi again Brandon

Will you be providing an example of all the charges in the workorder and in the invoice (identify the indivdual part, the quantity, the line total, and the the grand total) - as this may help identify what you are seeing/

  • Joyce


I certainly will post those details if you need me to. Sadly it has to wait till tomorrow, I got in very late last night from work, and i’m scheduled out all day today about 50 miles from home base. So I probably won’t be back till 9pm EST or so. Look for something later tonight =)


Ok, I got a look at the invoices again so here is what I’m seeing:

We’ll take this invoice for 658.84 (QB total).

There are 3 parts on the Aya workorder, quantity is 1 each:

ATX Power supply - 39.95 - 2.40 tax - 42.35 line total

CPU Fan - 9.95 - .60 tax - 10.55 line total

Wireless Router - 99.95 - 6.00 tax - 105.95 line total

Ayanova shows parts net total of 149.85, sales tax 9.00 and parts total 158.85

There is also 500.00 even in labor on the invoice.

Now in QB here is what I have:

Same EXACT 3 parts with same quantity of 1.

They are 39.95, 9.95, and 99.95, QB does not give a parts only total, but if I add them on the calculatorI get 149.85, same net total as Ayanova gave. However on the tax line it shows my tax code for QB which is called “Sales Tax” and it says 6.0%

Ayanova also has a Sales Tax tax code setup and its value is 6.0…



Hi Brandon

In the QuickBooks invoice - isn’t the tax showing as $8.99?

In the Sample Service Workorder with Grand Total- the Workorder Total at the very bottom is obtained from the running total of all Line Totals (which is each records net + each records taxes).

42.35 + 10.55 + 105.95 + 500.00 = $658.85

Whereas in your QuickBooks, the total at thebottom is obtained from the total part net plus thetax on that total part net plus the labor net. And because149.95 multiplied by 6% is $8.99 - QuickBooks is using $8.99 instead of $9.00 if tax was determined from each part record.

Therefore your QuickBooks is adding $149.95 net parts+ $500.00 net labor + $8.99 tax = $658.84 invoice total

That is also why this service workorder report is displaying theTotal Tax as 1 cent more than what shows in QuickBooks - showing as $9.00 whereas your QuickBooks is showing $8.99

In some cases you won’t see a difference because rounding comes into play

  • Joyce

I’m going to look into creating another sample report template that doesn’t use the Taxes and Line Totals from AyaNova, but instead calculates tax on each workorder items Parts separately from each workorder items Labor to arrive at a total for the workorder.

I will post as soon as able.

  • Joyce


I have a new sample report template available at derives the taxes and total amount via scripts instead of using the tax and line totals per record.

  • Joyce


Thanks very much for posting that other report. Using the scripts to calculate tax was exactly what I needed. Once I made those changes in our existing report it now calculates identical to QB every time.

We appreciate it greatly!