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I have a question regarding tax codes subgrid.

As time progresses in life, our government adjusts the amount of tax we pay on goods and services. From time to time they change, for example, the PST rate by a given number like 7% to 7.5% My question is this: If a client calls me and needs a reprint of an old invoice, does Ayanova pull the correct tax rates based on the rate at the time the original workorder was invoiced? I am assuming it does since each rate is assigned its own rate-code-label but I just want to be sure I am not going to have that sort of issue down the road.


That is correct Steve.

Whatever tax code is selected for a part or labor charge in a workorder, that tax code’s % is what will be used on a report to determine its taxes.
It doesn’t matter if you created that workorder three years ago, or created it last month, or created it today. What matters is the % of the tax code itself that was selected with the record and saved with it.

For example:
Let’s say that previous to today, taxes are 7% for services and for goods provided .
So you have been using a tax code with the name of “PST Seven%” with a rate of 7% set for Tax A and 0% for Tax B
Existing workorders created prior to today have this tax code “PST Seven%” selected for part records and for labor records - if you print preview a Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total, parts and labor that have “PST Seven%” selected will show 7% tax.

i.e. workorder #100 from Feb 2012 has tax code “PST Seven%” selected for the labor record
If you print preview that workorder’s report today or yesterday or two years ago, the same 7% would be applied.

And now let’s say as of Dec 18 2013 today, a new tax code of 7.5% is implemented.
So you create a new tax code with a distinguishable name “PST Seven Pt Five%” with the new rate 7.5% for Tax A and 0% for Tax B
If have set defaults in Global Settings for tax codes to use, select the new tax code to use “PST Seven Pt Five%” instead, and save.
Back to the Tax Code subgrid, set the old tax code “PST Seven%” as inactive by unchecking its Active field so that the old tax code can not be selected in anything further.

i.e. after creating the new tax code and setting the old tax code to inactive, view the workorder #100
You will see that the tax code selected is STILL “PST Seven%” - AyaNova does not remove because you have set inactive. Inactive means it can not be selected anywhere new.
And when you print preview a report for that workorder now, you will see that it STILL uses the 7% tax code because that is what is selected.

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Thanks for the timely reply Joyce!

I figured it should be like that but needed to be sure. What led me to this question actually originated here… I utilized the Totals by script example found in the forums here and it actually hard codes the rates in the script so this is where my concern comes from. I thought of all this much after creating my custom workorder/invoice report, when I was doing some other modifications in the sub grids, and seeing the tax table item triggered this whole thing!
I guess it is back to the drawing board on the scripting so I won’t have an issue further down the road. eeeks! :slight_smile: The hard coded values can easily be changed but that will be messed up if that situation of a reprint of an old workorder is requested.


You are welcome Steve

My previous reply was based on the assumption using AyaNova as is - that a report template being used is such as the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total - which refers to the selected Tax Code’s % in the part subsection record, in the labor subsection record - not a hard coded rate in a script in a report template.

If you wish to use a forced % via a script in a report template, be aware that you will need to select the report template with the correct forced % to use depending on when the service was performed/parts were sold.
(i.e. I would assume here that you created a copy of the original custom report template, so you have two templates - one with 7% and one with 7.5% labeled as such, so you select which report template to use)

Whereas if you use AyaNova as is, selecting the actual % tax code in the workorder itself, then the information is maintained with the workorder record and doesn’t rely on outside force remembering which report template to use for which workorders.

  • Joyce