The Basics

What is the basic bare minimum that I would need to set up the program? I think for now we are going to going to try to use the basic program and I will be the only one running the software I believe. So what I am getting at is what do I need to have on my computer to set the program up and get it running?

Hi Debbie
Minimum operating system and system software:

Windows 2000, XP, or 2003 With all service packs applied
(Windows 9x and ME are not compatible)
Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1 pre-installed With all service packs applied (download link also on the web page)
Minimum suggested hardware:

450MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU with 500MB RAM or higher
AyaNova is hardware scaleable - performance is directly related to the performance of the database server in use. Obviously a faster database server is going to be able to respond more quickly, however under medium to light loads it’s almost irrelevant
For your convienence, the AyaNova v3 Manual identifies the basics needed, as does the Technical FAQ

The AyaNova v3 Manual contains detailed information on all aspects of AyaNova - including installation, features, use, tutorials etc.

I invite you to refer to the section “Basic Installation of AyaNova” starting on page 22 in the AyaNova v3 Manual.

  • Joyce

Please note that Microsoft.NET Framework 2 is now required for the latest release AyaNova v3.2.0 and any optional AyaNova v3 utilities

Refer to the Known Issues & Updates forum update to AyaNova v3.2.0