Time and/or meter schedule PM

We completely understand the time function of PM scheduling but is there a way to also notify based on meter reads? Some of the equipment we service requires a visit every 40k and that volume can vary month to month. We do, however, receive monthly meter reads from the customers and record those under each unit’s meter record. A notification based on time and/or usage would be helpful.

Hi Mark

Meter based preventive maintenance is not a feature of AyaNova. Nor is meter basednotifications.

With meters, I am trying to think how it would be used?

Do you have some suggestions on how meter based PM’s would work in AyaNova?

As I am not sure how AyaNova would “know” when to generate a workorder from the PM because my understanding of meter-base is that you do service when the meter number gets to a certain amount - correct? But you already know what the meter number is because you or someone has to document that number. So my thinking is, you might create a PM to automatically schedule yourself to go check the meter every three months (which you can do in AyaNova), and if when onsite the meter is at a certain number than you perform the service needed?

Do post suggestions on how a meter based PM would work, as well as any other AyaNova user that would be interested in meter based PM’s so that development can take those ideas.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce, hope this function finds it’s way into Ayanova someday.

Mark@CM (11/19/2007)Thanks Joyce, hope this function finds it’s way into Ayanova someday.

I hope so too :smiley: