Time needed for customer files import

[ NOTE : Issue that occurred here will no longer occur with AyaNova 4 due to the new and simplified installation - as in this case user had not created the specified configuration file and ignored the warning error messages]

Hello Joyce,

Can you give us some idea how long it should take to import 800-900 csv files into AN3? We’ve been at it for about 2 hours and that seems a bit long.

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Hi Ian

Is the import utility actually still running or perhaps is there an error that is somehow sitting behind a window or did an error occur and you clicked “Continue” instead of resolving the error first?

Which utility are you using - the ImportPartCSV, the ImportClientCSV or the ImportUnitCSV?

When you say 800-900 csv files - do you mean a single CSV file that has 800-900 records in it or do you mean something else?

How much data do you already have in the AyaNova database? Exactly what data affected depends on what import utility you are using. For example, if using the ImportClientCSV data, how many client records do you already have in AyaNova. If using the ImportPartCSV, how many existing part records were there, how many vendors were there already? If using the ImportUnitCSV, how many existing unit records were there, how many existing unit models were there, how many existing client records were there?

What configuration is the AyaNova database - single user default installation, network FireBird, SQL Express or SQL Server?

What computer are you running the Import utility on in relation to the AyaNova database - are you running the import utility on the same computer where the database resides, on a computer within the same network, on a computer connecting via terminal or data portal etc?

Is anti-virus shut off on all computers in use in regards to the AyaNova database and where running the import utility, or at minimum exceptions so that the AyaNova database and the utility and the csv file not being scanned?

Have you checked the event logs on the computer to see if any errors?

Is there other processes running on the computer that are using up all of the resources?

  • Joyce

Hi again Ian

Do post what resolved it for you.

  • Joyce

I don’t think so. You should have gotten a query from John about it.