Time Sheet, Time sheets, payroll

Wanted to post here for others that may find this of use:

We occasionally get asked if AyaNova has a Time Sheet feature, a way of each user signing in and out to document their total time each day so that they are paid for their hours.

Although AyaNova at this time as of version 7, does not have such a feature, what a number of companies that use AyaNova have done is that they require that their staff document all of their time in workorders in AyaNova - including breaks, travel, client service, company related service, etc. And that their staff are only paid based on the hours they have accounted for.

For example:

Bob is scheduled to provide 8 hours of work time today, starting at 8am with an hour paid break for lunch and two 15 minute paid breaks before and after lunch sometime ending at 4:00PM
When Bob comes in, he has work to perform for the service company itself of organizing the back room, so it is not directly client related.
Bob creates a workorder for his own service company as the client, documenting from 8:00am to 8:30am what he did.
Any specific work that Bob will do today for his own company, or when taking a break, Bob will document in this specific workorder for today.
Fro 8:30 to 9:45pm he provides service to a client ABC Apartments. Bob documents in the workorder for ABC Apartments his time providing this service.
Bob takes a 15 minute break from 945 to 10am, and documents it in the workorder he created for own service company earlier
10am to 12noon he provides service to a client Billy’s Booming Backyard Condominiums. And documents his time in the workorder for this client.
12 noon to 1 is lunch, which he documents in his own service company’s workorder.
1pm to 430pm he provides service for the client Collenwood Sites (accounting for a 15 minute break in the workorder he had created for his own service company earlier). And even though only billing 2 hours to the client, the additional 1 hour and 15 minutes in the No Charge field.

At the end of the day, Bob quickly confirms he has accounted for all 8 hours of his work time by filtering the Labor grid by his username and todays date range in a custom filter, and print previewing a report template that has been customized that adds up all billable and no charge hours so he can see at a glance and ensures he gets paid.

A suggestion would be to use the Sample Actual Total Hours Based on Entered Start and Stop Times Report with Grand Total report template via the Labor grid in the Service navigation pane.
You can also certainly make a copy of this sample report template, and further customize the copy as needed.
Or let me know what specifically you would like customized to as per #3, and I would be happy to provide a quote.