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I am currently in the process of installing V3.3 on a new server install of AYANOVA since I just received email notification (Thank You). The Download link for the latest3.3v of toMSsql.exe does not work.I assume that the latest release is recommended. We will be moving our existing Ayanova database from another server which is running an earlier version of3.0When will it be available?

Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

The 3.3 is now available for download from

  • Joyce

Thanks- I am moving ayanova to a new server. The current database in use is SQLExpress and V3.1.3. We just loaded the v3.3 version on the new server, and will be loading QBI and WBI . What is the procedure to bring over the 3.1.3 database into MS SQL 2005 on the new server?

Hi again

I will point you towards a topic posted by another AyaNova user at

In addition to the steps the AyaNova user provided - do have a successfull backup even before starting - so that you can restore if any problems.

Another suggestion is once you have SQL configured on the new server (without an AyaNova SQL database already there), is just to restore from backup onto the new server- I find this the easiest.

Do also check your SQL Server documentation and Microsoft web site support for specifics on moving a SQL database from one server to another.

  • Joyce