Track date of workorder status change

Is their a way to track the date when a workorder status changed.

For example, to create reports of workorders that have their satus changed yesterday?

Hello Thormann

Sorry, not, AyaNova does not track dates of everytime a specific field is changed.
AyaNova does track when a record is first created and by whom, and when last modified and by whom. You can view this by the Record History menu option within any entry screen.
Note of course that the Last Modified and by whom is updated when the record has been saved.

A suggestion would be to use a date field that is not presently being used.
For example, if you do not use Close By Date for the specific feature it is meant for (i.e. to notify AyaNova users when a workorder has gone past the Close By Date without being Closed), perhaps use that date field to enter in todays date when the status is changed.
Or use another date field not in use.

This is a feature improvement that development already has on their To Do list (to include documentation of the date of each workorder status when set - so can see if improvement is needed inbetween how long it takes for status to change) to look into adding to a future version of AyaNova.

  • Joyce