track warranties for service


I would like the ability to track warranties on a workorder. Some way to define a set amount of time in Global Settings, like 30,60 or 90 days, and be able to select that in the work order. Once a warranty period has been selected, a field on the workorder then displaying the workorder’s expiry date would be cool.


Thank you for your suggestion, but I am not sure exactly what you mean by “track warranties on a workorder”?

The warranty for the unit is displayed in the workorder when the unit is selected.

Or are you asking about referring to the service provided in a workorder - for example, that your service is guaranteed for 60 days from the date of service in Labor?

Or do you mean something else?

Please provide details and a couple examples of what you mean so that we are sure to understand.

  • Joyce


I mean to warranty the service performed. Like you said, “Labor guaranteed for XX days”

Hi again

As a workorder can have multiple workorder items, and each workorder item can potentially have multiple labor items, Isee a potential problem witha workorderhaving one “Service Guaranteed Till” field. Thank you for your suggestion, it will be listed here for development to look into for a future version.

A suggestion right now, is that you create a custom date field labeled "Service Guaranteed Till"for the workorder item, so that you can select the date that service is guaranteed till - this way also be able to have it show on detailed report that you give to the client.

  • Joyce

Hi again

Another suggestion for you with the present version, is if you are not using the Close By Date field in the workorder for a close by date, you could instead use it for such as you were looking at.

For example:

  • Create a locale and edit the O.Workorder.Close key to instead use the text label “Service Guaranteed Till”, the Global.Label.WorkorderCloseByAge key to instead use “Service Guaranteed Till age (minutes)”

  • Set all users to use your custom locale and have them exit out and log back in

  • In Global Settings, set this “Service Guaranteed Till age (minutes)” to be the time frame you want for example for 30 days, set it to 43200 minutes (hint: 1440 minutes is 24 hours/1 day)

  • Save and exit out of AyaNova

  • Log back into AyaNova,

  • Now when you create a new workorder, this localized field “Service Guaranteed Till” in the workorder will automatically set itself 30 days from the date the workorder is created. You can also edit it as needed depending on the date service actually occurs.

  • Joyce