*Travel applied to Service Bank now in AyaNova 5*

Unless I am missing the boat, labor can be applied to a service bank and not travel time. We charge fixed travel time to a client based on their drive time from our office and apply it to their bank.

This feature or a workaround in AyaNova would very helpful.


You are correct - travel can not be automatically applied to banked service

If you have other charges (like travel, etc) that you would like to apply to Banked Service, a suggestion is to manually apply.

Check out the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Entering a Manual Banked Entry” starting page 386 as includes screenshots and steps.

  • Joyce

Just an update - one of the many new features coming in AyaNova 5 will be the ability to apply Banked Service to Travelcharges.

  • Joyce