Trying to clean up custom report? Help needed

I have created a custom summary report and wanted to clean up how it looks. Here is what issues I’m currently trying to resolve:

  1. Information in summary report gets cut off at bottom where it shows some info on one page and the rest of the info on the next page. How do I ensure each record shows all info for that record on the same page. Is there to automatically have Ayanova know when one record ends and another begins. I have tried adjusting the margins adjusted, which works sometimes, but only for the first page. Any suggestions would be great!

  2. Date/Time Stamp: I would like to be able to know when the reports are printed. Is there a way to insert a Date/Time Stamp in the report? If so, please advise.

  3. Page Numbers: My report seems to only show the page numbers at the end of the report. Is there a way to insert it into the header or footer of the report?

I’m sure these there are simple solutions to these, I just can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone could share.


Hi Alex, here’s a few to get you going:

Try the following:

Select the Detail band itself in the Designer panel (it could be called anything, such as Detail1, Detail4, etc - as the idea is you want to keep all fields in this band together without spanning pages - so if it won’t fit on the first page, that area will be blank on the first page and will show on the second only)
Now view the Property Grid tab which will now show the different properties set for this Detail band
Edit the property Keep Together to Yes (default is No)
Test previewing and see if this now works for you

Check out other sample report templates that already have a date stamp to see what is used with them.

For example, open up the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total report template as it has this showing just under the Workorder # on the left at the top.
When you do, when you click on the field where this shows, you will see when viewing the Property Grid tab for that field that it is a Page Info control.

A PageInfo control (drag from the Tool Box tab as normal) would then just need to edit its Page Information property.

Again, try out different settings, preview, and try out till you get what you wish.

Best is to try different property settings and placement of your Page Info control.
Also check out other sample report templates to see if have what you want, and then open in the report designer and see what they are set to.

  • Joyce