Trying to make custom support entry field

So I just got the program for work and they want me to make up a custom entry service report with pull downs for various sites and multiple machines. I have seen and played with the report maker but I want to make a custom service workorder with custom jump buttons which will make a custom report. I’m also “hoping” I can edit the button sizes and such as well. Am I dreamin here?
Thanks in advance for help or advice.

Hi Nick

The workorder entry screen is where you enter in your data, select the machine being serviced, etc etc. This is where “buttons” already are for selecting the unit, for selecting the Workorder Category, for selecting the tech that provided the service etc.

The location of existing fields and buttons in entry screens can not be moved or customized, but you can relabel existing fields using the Localized Text Designer - for example - if you won’t use what is presently called Internal Ref # and want that field labeled as something else.
Follow along with the tutorial which will walk you through an example of changing what is presently called Clients throughout AyaNova to Properties so that you get the idea.

Whereas the report template is what you select when you want to print out the data that you have entered and selected in that workorder.

And every subgrid in the workorder entry screen, such as Workorder Status, Workorder Category, etc etc you can create yourself what you actually would use. For example, the Workorder Statuses in the installed sample database are just that - samples only. You can enter what statuses work for your company.
Check out details about each of these in in the SubGrids section of the Help documentation such as

AyaNova comes with many sample report templates that you can use as is, and also further customize. And you CAN create your own custom report templates too.
We provide a number of tutorials to get you started - start with
This forum also provide additional tutorials and templates and examples, and we can also provide you with custom report templates designed just for you - send us details as outlined in the forum topic Custom Report Templates and we would be happy to provide a quote.
Check out the above and let us know if additional questions.

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Thank you


Also too Nick, just in case this also might be what looking for is the Service Template feature

Use Service Templates to pre-enter information that would be commonly always be in a certain service workorder.

For example, you might create a service template to use when performing a certain type of service - so that it has the parts you would use already pre-selected, has the Workorder Category already selected, has the Tasks already selected, etc.

Or might create a service template as a default for a specific client if will always have certain fields pre-filled out.

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Let me ask you this
Are there other programs that interface with AyaNova that can be imported into AyaNova and generate a service report from?
Something like Microsoft Access for example. Just tossed that out.
This way I could make a custom screen and import it to AyaNova to generate a report. The reason here is I have to make it incredibly simple for the user so we get not only accurate data but data at all. It has to be fast and above all…easy to use by people who treat patients all day and dont deal with reporting, that’s me :smiley:


Hi Nick

If you are an experienced developer, you could create your own stand-alone application that runs outside of the AyaNova program that has a different user interface (i.e. that provides a different “service workorder entry screen”) for your users to create service workorders with in the AyaNova database; or you could create your own plugin that runs “inside” AyaNova that your users could use to create service workorders (again, your plugin could be a different “service workorder entry screen” that has only what fields you want to use etc) - if you do not want the actual Service Workorder entry screen to be used.
We provide API information in the Development/SDK/API section of this forum. If not an experienced developer yourself, you can certainly employ one to provide you with what you wish specifically - just have them refer to that link.

The additional user interface that we have for AyaNova is the optional add-on WBI (web browser interface). Users logging in via WBI do so with a web browser and internet access. The service workorder entrys screen via WBI also displays the same fields as the regular AyaNova windows program. You can check out the overview of WBI on

Another user interface we have for AyaNova is the optional add-on MBI (mobile browser interface). MBI is meant for use by mobile phone users out in the field that have small screens and need minimal text to show. Via MBI a scheduleable user can check their schedule, check the status of their scheduled workorders, and enter in labor for a workorder - as well as send and receive memos to other AyaNova users and view the contact information for a client. You can check out the overview of MBI on

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