Trying to separate AyaNova and SQL Servers

We use SQL 2005 on a separate server that only runs SQL 2005. We load all our other applications onseparate servers and the ones that use SQL refer to the SQL Server for their database and SQL functions.

You have told us we cannot have AyaNova on one server and SQL on a separate server and that AyaNova must be loaded on the SQL server. Is this problem something AyaNova is working on for a future patch orupgrade? If so, when is it expected to be released?

If this is not projected for a future upgrade, is there any member out there that has been successful in some modification where the SQL database is on a separate server than AyaNova? If you have been successful, please let us know.


There is a misunderstanding somewhere.

You can have the AyaNova database on a different server from the SQL Server itself.

But I do recommend that the database be on the same server.

The reason for this is - when a networked computer requests data (for example, logs in and opens and requests that list of records for the grid be displayed), the computer actually “talks” to the SQL Server, and than it is the SQL Server that gets the data from the AyaNova SQL database, and than the SQL Server provides that data to the networked computer.

If you have the AyaNova SQL database on a different computer, that means that the SQL Server has to go over the network to get the data from the other computer where the database resides, instead of getting it directly from itself.

Whereas if the AyaNova SQL database is on the same computer where SQL Server is itself running, than that is one less “hop” that has to be made.

You can certainly have the database on another networked computer, I personally do not recommend it for the above reason.

  • Joyce

Actually, I was wondering ifI misunderstoodwhat your postis actually about- are you actually asking about the AyaNova program? Not the AyaNova database?

When you use the generic “AyaNova” and referring to SQL, I am assuming you are talking about the database.

If instead you are asking about the program files, the AyaNova program is installed to each networked computer as per the networked configuration steps in the AyaNova 4 Help file.

The AyaNova program files are not shared from a central server - each networked computer has its own installation of the AyaNova 4 program file as per the networked configuration steps in the AyaNova 4 Help file.

Do post back which your question was referring to - database or program files - and let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Joyce

Hello again, had not received a post back from you - do let me know iwhich of the two replies answeryour post or if you have additional questions.

  • Joyce