Two databases question

I’m currently running your program to run my service department. I’m configured for MSSQL network usage and when I initially installed or do updates I do this on the server itself. Since I do, obviously there is a working copy of Ayanova on there that works with that database. Copy that and distribute to those work stations needing to run this software.

Our production department likes what they see and feel that they can use Ayanova for their needs. We could use the existing DB, but the only fear at this time would be the future size of theDB and/or possibly having data that could not be split out later on if either department needed to change software packages, etc. But if we decide to use a separate DB, will the installation process allow me to install a second DB and program directory without overriding the exisiting working directory on the server? Once a second DB is in place, I assume that both departments would wind up with matching program directories with the exception of config file(s) and you could actually have two separate Ayanova programs on your workstation to access either DB. If you do have this, could you have 2 instances of Ayanova open at the same time on a workstation each accessing its own DB? What are your opinions on when to have more than one DB within the same company?

If you could let me know the installation process for a second db that will help me with determining which route to go.

Dan Miller

Hi Dan

I do want to make sure it is understood that the present licensespurchased are only for one database . It would be a violation of the licensing agreementto use the same licenses on a second database.

If you wish to have a second database, licenses for that second database would need to be purchased. When purchasing license keys for an additional separate database make sure you specify a different registration name than your other purchases to differentiate it as being for a second distinct database. For example if you have two departments you might specify a different name like this: “SNOW Inc. - Service” for the first database, and “SNOW Inc. - Production” for the second database.

Yes, you can have two AyaNova program directories on each of the networked computers - one directory would have the configuration file pointing to the first database, and the second directory having a different configuration file pointing to the second database. And yes, both programs, each accessing a different database, can be run at the same time.

When using a AyaNova SQL configuration, to create and access the second database:

-Have all users out of AyaNova and all other AyaNova utilities shut down.
-Create a copy of the first AyaNova SQL database with a different database name - by default the AyaNova SQL database is called “AyaNova”. An example for the second database name might be “ProductionAyaNova”.
-Create a second directory on a networked computer and copy all AyaNova program files to this second directory
-Edit the configuration file AyaNova.exe.config to point to this second AyaNova database
-Create a second AyaNova icon on the desktop pointing to this second directory location to run the AyaNova.exe executable file - for example call it Production AyaNova to differentiate it from the first.
-Run this second AyaNova program, log into AyaNova, select menu Help -> About AyaNova and confirm by the details listed that it is accessing this second database.
-Copy this second directory to the other networked computers, and create the second AyaNova icon on each desktop.

If you have any additonal questions on purchasing licenses for your second database or on configuring AyaNova to access two separate databases, do let me know.

  • Joyce