Unable to edit an existing client name

This refers to AyaNova CE only:

When attempting to edit an existing client name from ABC SYSTEMS to ABC Systems, receive the following message:

[b][i]Client xxx is already in the database
Every client name must be unique in AyaNova

[/i][/b]When you edit an existing company name, the AyaNova program checks all records that there are no existing companies with that same name - all recordsincluding the client that you are editing.

As AyaNova considers upper or lower case inconsequential,AyaNova gives the message that you cannot edit the name as that name already exists.

What is recommended to do is the following:

  1. Open the Client entry screen
  2. Select the client “TEST SYSTEMS” (for example if this was the client name you are attempting to edit)
  3. Edit it so that it no longer is “TEST SYSTEMS” - for example edit it so that it is “TEST SYSTEMSssss” - change the name.
  4. Click or tab toanother field - dialogue box will come up confirming you want to change - select OK
  5. Now re-edit the client name so it is in the capital letters you want - i.e edit it so it is now “Test Systems”