Unable to edit what is displaying in grids

The records displayed in a navigation grid are not directly editable.

The navigation grids display in read-only format the object records for that navigation pane based on the filters set for that grid.

To edit a record, you would open the record itself.

For example, in the Users grid in the Administration navigation pane, this Users grid displays a list of all AyaNova users.Select the name in the First Name field in the Users grid to open that user entry screen.

Or from the Service Workorders grid in the Service navigation pane, click on the workorder number inthe Workorder field for the specific service workorder entry screen you wish to view and edit.

The Online Manualprovides brief information on this within the topic Use Basics -> Main Grids -> Accessing data in a grid. We will be expanding the topics and tutorials in the Online Manual soon.

Also use the F1 key within AyaNova to bring up the internal Help contents.

Detailed information and complete tutorials on using AyaNova including accessing data in grids can be found in the AyaNova v3 Manual available from http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm

Going through the tutorials is a very good way to get an overview of using AyaNova.

It is suggested to download the manual documentation - save to your desktop and open using MS Word rather than printing it off. This way, you can easily use the Table of Contents to jump to sections, as well as use the Search feature within MS Word to search for specific words.