Unable to view Service Workorders as Client User

I’ve attempted several times to access the workorders when logged in as a Client. There is no problems when logged in w/ administrator rights. I confirmed the global settings step were completed and selected the “sample detailed service workorder w/ grand total” and saved this report. I am still getting an error stating “AyanovaWBI encountered an unexpected error”. Any assistance regarding this is greatly appreciated.

Also, in the report options, there was only the “sample client claim report” and “sample detailed service workorder w/ grand total”. The example in the WBI manual shows other sample reports. Is there a way to access this as well as create custom reports of my own? Please advise.



Hello Alex

Do note that logged in as administrator results in a completely different WBI than when logged in as a client.

If when logged in as a client, results in “AyanovaWBI encountered an unexpected error” when selecting the workorder as a client do the following:

-One more time log in as the AyaNova Administrator into WBI, and confirm that the report template is selected in Global Settings.

  • I’ve had others post here that they were sure they had selected, and they went back to check, and it wasn’t and once they double-checked and picked, everythig was fine.
    -Reboot the IIS server
    -On the client WBI, delete the internet cache (depending on the web browser in use, Tools -> Delete Browsing History)
    -Now log in as the client, select a workorder, does it now open?

If you continue to receive the same error, send the following to support@ayanova.com
-Confirmation of the four steps above.
-Reference this topic
-Provide the URL for me to access your WBI log in page
-Provide the AyaNova Administrator username and password
-Provide the client username and password

Those reports you identified are just some that are included in the installed AyaNova.Checkout the additional sample report templates in Additional Sample Report Templates & Tutorials section of this forum
And do refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual sections “Creating Custom Reports” starting page 635 and such tutorials as “Tutorial: Text, Layout, Font and Images” page 642 for creating and customizing your own

  • Joyce

I did not provide this as a troubleshooting suggestion in the previous email, asyou had set the rights for the client to view and create Service Requests and view the Workorder grid, had assumed you would have also setthe WBI Client Security Group rights to internal object Object.Report

That is why in the majority of responses through out this forum, I do ask AyaNova users to re-check every step as usually an issue is due to a step not having been performed. You know what they say when one assumes…<grin>.

For your own convienence and quick resolution to an issue, always recheck your steps if you have an issue.

As outlined in the WBI Manual on client configuration, the Object.Report must to set to minimum Read Only to allow the client/head office to view and print individual service workorders

In the AyaNova program, view that the security group for your client and set the Object.Report to at minimum Read Only, and save the security group.

Once you have saved that new right setting for the client’s security group, log in as the client into WBI and click on a workorder and you will now be able to view its report.

  • Joyce