**Unassigned now default in all Scheduleable User Groups in AyaNova 4**


i am tyring to setup the scheduleable users groups in the schedule but i cannot set the unassigned column is there a way to get the unassigned user on the schedule when you are selecting a group of techs to view. it also seems that it throws the techs in the screen on the single day view what ever way it wants there is no order to the way it puts the techs on the screen they are not in alphabetical order from lweft to right and i cannot move them i should be able to position the techs columns anywhere i want them so i could put my most used techs in the window and the least used techs i would have to scroll to the right to see them, Also the unit history that was on the old ce version was very helpful, i read the post and it is more difficult to see the unit history now it would be nice if you can move the unit history report to the unit section on the workorder there is so much empty space on the boottom of the page it would actually be nmice to see a running history of service say the last few workorders under the unit on the page.


Unassigned is not a selected user because it is not a “user” per se. Its an idea that is interesting that will be put into the Wish List.

Yes, by default when selecting a schedulable user group, it defaults to showing day views. We have on the list to look into adding an ability for the AyaNova user to have a default view of the Schedule screen (day view, month view, merged etc)

There is not a specific order to display users of a schedulable group when viewing Day view that is settable by the AyaNova user. We will place this on to the Wish List

The Unit grid does not have access to the service workorder data. The Unit grid only displays information about the unit itself from the Unit entry screen, and therefore this data is what is only available for Unit report templates from the Unit grid. It is not possible at this time to also display information from another grid, especially the amount of information that is from the Service Workorders records. To obtain data about service workorders where this unit is selected requires doing so via the Items grid in the Service navigation pane - where you filter the Items grid to display records only where the Unit was selected in workorder items.

I will move this to the Wish List section of this forum in regards to the first three suggestions you made.

  • Joyce

AyaNova 4’s Scheduleable User Groups will all have the unassigned column display.