Unassigned Work Orders Not Showing

I have a WO that has not been assigned to a scheduled user. It does not show up in the Unassigned side of the Calendar. Am I missing something?



Thank you for including a screenshot of the workorder.
I can see from this screenshot that you have no Scheduled Users record created at all.

Only a workorder item that has a Scheduled Users record with at minimum the Start Date/Time and Stop Date/Time will show on the Unassigned column in the graphical Schedule screen for that date range set in that Scheduled Users record.

Create a Scheduled User record, entering in for example todays date into the Start Date/Time and Stop Date/Time but do not select a user. Save. Now view the Schedule screen (you may need to select the Refresh menu button, otherwise AyaNova will automatically refresh approx every 5 minutes) and you will see this workorder item scheduled in the Unassigned column

  • Joyce