Unit History Reports

I can’t see how to generate a history of all work done on a particular unit/serial No. This was available in Ayanova CE. Ideally this could be accessed from the Service Workorders > Service > Unit window.

This is a very important feature for us, so that when we get an item for service we can check the previous history.

In AyaNova v3 filter the grid that has that information to display the data you wish to report off of.

For example to display all workorder items for a specific unit

  1. View the the Items grid in the Service navigation pane:
  2. filter by the client ABC Accounting which first gave me a list of workorder items for this client
  3. filter by the unit (Serial Number column) which gives me a list of workorder items where this unit was selected

Now only workorder items where this unit was selected display

Than select a report which will obtain data based on what is displaying in the grid.

I’ve whipped up a couple sample reports that could be used, and/or customized further:

Unit History Report - Using the Detailed Report Template in the Items grid of the Service navigation pane I created this custom report template (unit, workorder #, workorder header Service Date, Service Start Date & Time, User that performed the service, Service Details)

Unit History Report Summary - Using the Summary Report Template in the Items grid of the Service navigation pane I created this custom report template (workorder #, workorder header Service Date , Unit Service Type, Item Summary)

Unit History Report Detailed- I customized the exisitng sample report template Detailed Service Completed with Grand Total report from the Items grid in the Service navigation pane and saved it as this report. This report contains detailed information on the workorder item where the unit was selected for service (Parts detailed, Labor Detailed, Misc Expenses Detailed, Grand Total at end of report of all charges).

You can import these into your AyaNova v3 by:

  1. Download the report template file and extract using WinZip

  2. Log into AyaNova v3 with rights to the Administration -> Report Templates grid (default would be “manager” with password “letmein”

  3. Select Import Template from the Report Templates menu option

  4. Select the report template file you had downloaded, select Open

  5. Imported report template will now display in the list of report templates in your AyaNova database

  6. Move to the Service navigation pane, select the Items grid

  7. Filter the Items grid to display the unit workorder items you wish to have in your report

  8. Select the Print menu option to drop down the list of avaialble report templates

  9. Select the report template

Also refer to AyaNova v3 Manualsections:

Use of Grids and SubGrids” starting on page 47
The “Service Navigation Pane” section starting on page 72 which includes the tutorials “Filtering and Sorting a Grid” and “Printing a Report for All Service Workorders Displayed in a Filtered Grid
In the “Administration Navigation Pane” section, the “Report Templates” section starting on page 481 which includes importing a report template
The “Printing” section starting on page 491 which inclues preparing displayed data in a grid for printing a report
In the “Technical” section the “Creating Custom Reports” starting on page 595

I will also move this topic to the AyaNova v3 Support area of the forum