Unit Import Issues

Oh, boy…

I’m attempting to import client units.

When the unit record updates, a coresponding unit model record is created. The problem is, that the unit model name contains the model number and the model number is left blank. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the imported model number in the model number field?


As a Unit Model could be made up of multiple words, any length, etc - it is not possible for the import to “know” what is the Unit Model Number, what is the Unit Model Name.

If the import field for UnitModel does not match an existing unit model Name and Number, than the UnitModel field text is imported all into the Unit Model Name.

If you would like the Unit Model created a specific way (certain text in the Name field, certain text in the Number field), you would manually create the model so that is equates to your CSV file info, so that Unit Model is automatically selected when the units are imported.

  • Joyce

Apparently, (unknown to me) a “Model” is composed of a model name followed by a model number. What I failed to recognize was that the import was importing the “Model” - both fields in one. After some experimenting, I see what needs to be done: Manufacture a “model” to import - not just the parts’ model number but a model name as well.

Problem solved…