*Unit level Text fields (1 through 4) in reports for PM now in AyaNova 6*


A little while back four text fields, text 1,2,3 and 4, were added to the Unit object and those fields were exposed through the report ‘writer’ for use when making a report at the workorder level. That was great, and we’ve been using that feature a lot.

We’ve just realised that those same fields are not exposed in the same way when making a report at the preventative maintenance level, which is something that we would love to see as it would allow us to eliminate a lot of double entry work.

Is this possible? I know in the past that you have explained that not all fields of the database are exposed, but it really would improve the product if there was more open access in the report writer to use other fields…

Hi Jason

Thank you for posting your wish list suggestion.

Every time another field is exposed for a detailedreport template, it will cause further overhead to AyaNova. We exposed those fields for a Service Workorder detailed report template due to the high demand to do so even though it could affect loading a service workorder. Development can certainly take a look to see what effect adding these fields for a PM detailed report template for the next version of AyaNova. Thank you again for your suggestion.

  • Joyce

With the release of AyaNova 6.0 the Unit’s Text1, Text2, Text3 and Text4 fields are now available in a Preventive Maintenance detailed report template for the Preventive Maintenance grid; as they are for the Service Workorder detailed report template.

  • Joyce