Unit Model - Field Display Inconsistency

I am wondering if you could provide an explanation as to why the Unit Model field displays different data depending on what grid is viewed.

In one grid view the Unit Model and Model Number are displayed, in another view only the Unit Model is displayed.I was unable to find an explanation in the manual and this is causing us some end-user confusion when switching between grids.

I have attached a .zip filecontaining two screenshot imagesillustratingthis inconsistency.

Note: We have localized the Units and Unit Models to display as Equipment.

It would be beneficial to us if only the Unit Model only is displayed as can be seen in the Image2.jpg screenshot, providing thatthe Unit Model Number field is made available as a selectable column in the Service Workorder grids.



Hi Bob

The Service navigation pane grids Items and below (Scheduled Users, Parts, Labor, etc) which displays information regarding the workorder, displays a column identifyingthe Unit Model Name of the Unit selected in the workorder item in a column identified as Unit Model. This is an added column to display that we provided at the request of AyaNova users.

Whereas the Units grid, which displays information from the Unit record itself, displays the Unit Model Name and Number combined in the Unit Model column because this column displays data from the field Unit Model in the Unit entry screen - which is a combination of the Unit Model Name and Number - therefore it displays what has been selected in the Unit entry screen.

For consistency sake, I will have this placed in the Wish List section of the forum for development to look into having the Unit Model column in the Service Workorder navigation pane grids display the Unit Model Name plus Number as it does in the Units grid -we will have to go back through the original requests for the Unit Model Name to display in the Service navigation pane grids to ensure this does not adversely affect the original reason why only the Unit Model Name was coded to display.

  • Joyce


Just an update to this post that the latest version of AyaNova now has the Unit Model column in Items grid displaying both the name and the number of the unit model.

Check out the Known Issues & Updates section of this forum to update to the latest version of AyaNova 3.4

  • Joyce