Unit search at main screen & Delete button smaller or not next to exit & Units in client-screen

  • You can search at the main top screen, however when you search a unit, you have to go to the search-screen.

A wish would be: Also include the unit-search at the top

  • The delete button (the cross) is very large and next to the exit button, where at this time already an error occured with an employee deleting a customer (yes she had the right to…)

A wish would be: make the delete button smaller and maybe not next to the exit label

  • In the older version of ayanova you could see the units from a client from the client-screen

A wish would be: being able to see the client units from the client-screen (this is a very much used thing)

Hi Marcel

Thank you for posting your suggestions. Just wanted to also point out that there aretwo ways to quickly find a unit - using the Search Database grid as you identify above;and/or via the Units grid itself.

Via the Units grid, you can have the first column set as the Serial Number column - thereby sorting serial numbers so easy to find the unit.

Via the Units grid, you can filter the Client column so that only units owned by a specific client dispaly, so can easily find the unit.

Thank you again for your suggestions.

  • Joyce


Of course its possible to sort the units in the Grid, however not very handy with a lot of units!.

Also searching a unit (serial is always given by our customer) just by entering it in the small searchbox at the top would be more easy.

Also when the unit is on the screen, it would be VERY nice to see the unit history and not always have to make selections and make reports…and then see the unit history

Also we are missing the option to see all the units from a client in the client screen, very handy option!

Also the Technical details info box is missing from the client screen, however still searchable…in database

The above are all options that have been deleted, they were standard in the 1.9 versions…

I think it would be nice to have those back in the system

Marcel Wrote:

"The above are all options that have been deleted, they were standard in the 1.9 versions…

I think it would be nice to have those back in the system"

I agree! Please put back the featureswe originally had.


I think there is a misunderstanding here, some of those features you referred to as “deleted” from the new AyaNova. The new AyaNova is a completely new program written from scratch incorporating the basic ideas of the original AyaNova program and extending it with hundreds of new features requested by users of AyaNova since 1999.

No features were “deleted” as no part of the original code forms any part of the new AyaNova. Many features were replaced with much more powerful features as requested by users (of which the unit list falls squarely in that category), some were replaced entirely by making AyaNova “smarter”, some may have been missed, but nothing was deliberately removed in any way to take away from the program. We’ve poured our hearts intoit andthe characterization thatfeatures were deliberately deleted is a little hard to take.

We went to great lengths to incoporate the requests of many different users in the design of the new AyaNova and one of the key decisions that was very carefully planned for was to consolidate items into lists all accessible quickly from the main AyaNova form without having to go into sub forms to get at that information.

The reason we did this is a great many people requested it to be done that way. They described the method of going into a client record to get at the unit list as “cumbersome”, “complicated”, “overly time consuming”, “stupid” etc.

Sometimes it feels like we can’t win. :slight_smile:

That being said this is the wish list and if enough people feel this would be useful then we will certainly find a method to accomodate. Every item in this wish list is examined carefully and pros and cons are weighed.

One of our key goals was to make all information accessible in as few clicks as possible and we’ve accomplished that big time over the old AyaNova.

To support this we made all maininformation accessible from the main screen of AyaNova when you first open the program and moved a lot of information out of sub forms deliberately in the design.

Adding a method to list units from the client sub form fundamentally breaks the design of the new AyaNova.

The only way I can imagine it being possible to support that is if, when you selectthat hypothetical option from the client screen,it closes the client screen and switches to the main form unit list and pre-filters it by that client. Unless we add a completely new form to list units that doesn’t feature all the possibilities of the main units list form, i.e. maybe not sortable or filterable or reportable, just a very plain list. Not sure what is best, but we’ll mull it over when we get to this area of the wish list and hopefully others will have responded by then and weighed in on what they would like to see. Most important to us and most useful is finding out what the task is that people are trying to accomplish. I.E. it’s very helpful to know the task that requires the unit list in the client form. The reason we really want to know the task is because we sometimes find ways to completely automate or eliminate the reason for the task in the first place.

Marcel you lumped quite a few things together, the other items in your postwill be looked at when we get to this point in the list, I just wanted to clarify what seemed some confusion about the new AyaNova program.


First of all: Sorry that you understood my message wrong, or I wrote it badly…

We are using Ayanova daily and like it very much. With the new version (V3) we have to start over again and therefor it takes some thime to understand the new system. In NO way I would offend you and I did not mean that you deleted the functions on purpose, we are just missing them…

But: “We have found the -technical notes- function again” and we are able to print a report on the units per client -easy- now. So this has been solved!

However: being able to quickfind a unit on the top of the screen, would be VERY appreciated, also we need a quick way to see the unit-history > As a matter of fact, we were not able to find this option at all! please explain, where to find? This would be very appreciated if this would be possible in the UNIT screen.

John, again… we like working with ayanova and have not found a system working better or liking it more. Also the update to V3 went without!! problems, which is almost impossible in the year 2006…


Hi Marcel

The trial AyaNova includes a sample Unit History report template. The AyaNova Support Forum’s AyaNova v3 Printing & Report Templates section that provides many additional sample report templates include a number of additional customized Unit History Report templates such as http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic790-103-1.aspx

As suggested, via the Items grid in the Service navigation pane, filter the Items grid to display only the units you wish to display a history report on, and than select the report template. For example, you might first filter by the client name so that only workorder items for a specific client display, and then you might further filter to show only workorder items after a certain Service Date, and/or you might filter to show only workorder items where a specific unit has been selected.

I’ve got on my list to make up some more unit history type report templates. These will also be added to the AyaNova Support Forum’s AyaNova v3 Printing & Report Templates section

  • Joyce