Unit's own address on a dispatching report


We are currently facing a problem: The clients we service have many machines, each one belonging to a specific department, and so every time our techs go there, they lose time looking for the machines.

My solution to this is using the UNIT HAS OWN ADDRESS function, BUT, i can not add this data to my dispatching report and i can’t find it on the dataset.

Another solution i have is to create a client for each dept. and link them to one head office. But there are some scenarios in which this setup would be problematic.

What solution do you propose? We use Ayanova 4.


I would recommend upgrading to AyaNova 7, so that in addition to all of the many new features and improvements that were introduced in version 5, version 6 and now in version 7, you can take advantage of the ability to use API methods to include data from other areas of AyaNova not listed by default in the report template Field List dataset including the unit’s address fields.

For example, if using AyaNova 6 or higher we provide example of using API methods to bring in the Unit’s address into a service workorder report template

If you would like to discuss upgrade options including your licensing costs to upgrade, etc - please email support@ayanova.com directly, reference this topic Unit-s-own-address-on-a-dispatching-report in your email and include a copy of your ayalog.txt file from the AyaNova program folder C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova as will provide needed information such as your exact version, your registered company name, your configuration, etc.

The other option is as you wrote, create each department as an individual client with the company itself as the head office for those “clients” - so that you can create the service workorder for the individual department itself.
You can edit each existing unit changing the “client” - you will not lose any previous service history where the units were previously selected.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce, will go with the HO solution for now. will upgrade to the latest software next year.