Updating registered email address

In prepartion for updating AyaNova to v.3, Iread your directions re: updating the registered email address, however, I only want the product delivered to my address, the rest remains the same(ie billing etc). Can I change the product delivery email and still be able to proceed with the import process? Thank you for your help.


Yes - you can change only the registered email address.

  • Joyce

Once you have edited your registered email address, send us the information as outlined on the AyaNova v3 Pre-Sales web page and we will send the link to purchase at the upgrade price, as well as a 30 day temporary keycode so you can test importing your AyaNova CE data before going live, try out and become familiar with all features of the new AyaNova v3, even create custom report templates in anticipation of when you go live.

We also encourage reviewing theAyaNova v3 Manualas it contains detailed information on every feature as well as indepth tutorials.

  • Joyce