Updating to 3.5 from 3.4 - do i use QuickFix or FULL update?

We are currently running Ayanova v3.4.0.0 & are looking to update to the May 24th new release.

As we cannot do a quick-fix, pls confirm the download is the

“Full featured AyaNove 30day trial” along with any related services.

Thanks -


Hi Gladys

As you have lower than, you would perform the FULL UPDATE - which full update you perform depends on your present configuration.

If using the default installation of AyaNova which is for stand-alone single use, than you would follow the instructions at http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic3144-96-1.aspx

If using network Firebird, SQL Express or SQL Server network configuration, than you would follow the instructions at http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic3143-96-1.aspx

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce -

Yes, we are using the Firebird Networked version.

I guess my confusion resulted from the link taking me to the 30 trial download version…

Thanks -


Hi again Gladys

The link is to the latest AyaNova version installation file - if AyaNova was not previously installed, it would install by default the stand-alone trial.

But if instead you follow the steps in http://forum.ayanova.net/Topic3143-96-1.aspx, that uses the exact same installation file but you are instead replacing your existing older version with the newer version.

  • Joyce