Upgrade Ayanova database and change O/S

I am currently running a 3 user version of Ayanova - The latest release (As of today). It is set up in the default user configuration under Windows Vista Home Edition i.e. One database file. I am looking into installing ayanova on a new server that I am about to set up - Windows Server 2003 Small Business Pro i.e. Has SQL server. I would like to then use the Ayanova web components.

What is the process etc for importing the current database into SQL server? Will I lose any data by converting over?


Your question actually concerns three major things to look at: dir=ltr " ">

1. Using AyaNova in stand-alone default mode on Vista

2. Moving the database to a new server

3. Configuring for network SQL use<P

1. Using AyaNova in stand-alone default mode on Vista dir=ltr " ">

As outlined on the following topics on this forum about AyaNova in stand-alone mode and Vista,
http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2769-90-1.aspx?Highlight=vistaand http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2764-90-1.aspx?Highlight=vista, the actual database with your actual data may or may not be in the AyaNova program folder as Vista may be referring to another copy in yor profile folder.

[Note: AyaNova 4 does not have this issue]

Make sure you are backing up the actual database file with the actual data in it.

2. Moving the database to a new server dir=ltr " ">

As you would in any situation when wanting to move the database to another server, you do move the database file to the other server - as all data and the licensing is in the database, so you want to move the actual database.

In the case where you were using AyaNova in stand-alone default mode, you would install AyaNova on the new server, make sure the AyaNova program is shut down on both the new server and the old, and than replace the new server’s trial AYANOVA.FDB database file with your licensed AYANOVA.FDB database file

Again, as per #1 above, you need to make sure you are moving the database that has the actual data in it.

First move the AYANOVA.FDB from the AyaNova v3 program folder. Log into AyaNova on the new server. If the data is not the lastest data, than you know that you need to refer to those forum posts and move the database file AYANOVA.FDB from your profile

3. Configuring for network SQL use dir=ltr " ">

Once you have the correct stand-alone AyaNova v3 database file moved onto the new server, than follow the steps in the AyaNova v3 Manual for configuring AyaNova for SQL use. Once AyaNOva has been set up for network use, than you can install and configure WBI.<P <P - Joyce

Thank you for the easy to follow steps - Pretty straight forward :slight_smile: