Upgrade v4.1.5.0 to v5 - Issues?

I have been a fan of Ayanova for going on 5 years now since version 1. In every single upgrade without exception I have had nothing but issues with my customized forms and that is a huge reason NOT to upgrade because I really do not want to spend countless hours redoing all my forms/reports because field names have changed etc.

Upgrading version to v5 - Will all forms translate properly into the new version or will I have to redo them yet again?


Do note as per v AyaNova version3 onwardshas a completely different schema to support all of the many different new features added,and uses an internal report template designer so that AyaNova users do not have to spend money on Crystal Reports. Whereas AyaNova 1.x used Crystal Reports which is expensive, as well as had limited features that could not be expanded without the complete database schema change.

It is always recommended to be at the last released version before upgrading to the next. The last 4 version was 4.2 Refer to (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) to update your 4.1.5 to 4.2 before upgrading to 5

The printing component of AyaNova 5 is newer than it was in AyaNova 4, as is the internal report template designer. Do note the differences in use as outlined in (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) as well as additional report design options. Existing AyaNova 4.2 report templates at this point appear to update with no issues to AyaNova 5 as far as our testing and other AyaNova 5 users that have upgraded. If there is an issue, we will usually list them in the Report Template & Printing forum section.

Any customized report template of yours, of course, we would not be able be able to say so as we don’t have it to have checked it so.

I would suggest that when you are testing out AyaNova 5 before upgrading as outlined on the FAQ web pagehttp://www.ayanova.com/FAQAnswers.htm#Can_I_try_AyaNova_5_without_affecting_my_live_AyaNova_4_data , that you check your report templates - i.e. print out a specific report with certain data in your AyaNova 4.2; and then print out the same report with the same data (as testing with a copy of your AyaNova 4.2 data) and compare.

If you do find something, do let us know with an example report template, so that it is listed here for everyone. But at this point, I am not aware of any upgrade issues with report templates.

  • Joyce