Upgrading to v3.3.3.0 does affect your report templates - please read if upgrading to v3.3.3.0

VersionAyaNova v3.3.3.0 and higher uses the latest version of the report printing engine component.

This latest version addresses known printing issues, plus provide best compatiblilty with the Windows operating systems and HTML web browsers printing.

Do note that this printing engine does have slightly different interface view in the designer, as well as updates your report templates made with the previous version of the report printing engine component.

After upgrading to AyaNova v3.3.3.0 or higher from an earlier version of 3.x, do go through your reports and confirm they are displaying correctly.

If you encounter an issue (fields not showing, duplicate pages, etc), we appreciate you opening the report template in the designer and editinglabels that are overlapping - which will be the most common cause.

Do review the known common issues below - you will want to open your report template in the Report Designer and check your report template yourself if experiencing any issues:

Known issues with previous report templates created in the older version of AyaNova v3:

**RichTextBox fields used in previous versions of AyaNova v3 need to be replaced with a RichText field in the latest version of AyaNova v3.3.3.0 as the new report printing engine component no longer uses RichTextBox fields. If your report template was using a RichTextBox field, you will need to delete it and replace it will a RichText field, and than edit as needed.

**Script to combine multiple fields to display in one field requires the band be identified in the script

**Latest version of the printing report engine component requires that a report template that has access to multiple tables (detailed report templates from Service Workorder grid for example) has data fields within the band they came from - especially the WorkorderHeader band. For example, if your report template is no longer showing any data when you print it, open your detailed report template in AyaNova v3.3.3.0 and you see that you do not have a DetailReport - WorkorderHeader band, you will want to obtain a new sample report template from the Additional Sample Report Templates section,import and customize as needed.

**fields that are experiencing an overlapping problem will have a red square in their upper left hand corner in the repor tdesigner - making it easier to identify which fields are overlapping.

Do note that we have posted new sample report templates in the section [Additional Sample Report Templates & Tutorials section of this forum](Additional Sample Report Templates & Tutorials section of this forum)to replace some previous sample report templates that did not upgrade correctly for use with the latest report printing engine component. We ask that you replace these instead of requesting your specific template be looked at.

If a report template is experiencing an issue that is not those identified above, please provide the following:

  • export the report template to a file (refer to your Help file for your version on how to export a report template to a file)
  • zip it using WinZip
  • and attach to a direct email to us at support@ayanova.com identifying what the issue is, and we will take a look.
  • Also attach a copy of your ayalog.txt file from your AyaNova program folder