Use of Jump Buttons to move to other screens

Jump Buttons” are found in AyaNova on grid screens and on entry screens.

“Jump Buttons” do exactly as they are labeled – they jump to what the button is.

For example, if viewing the Service Workorder grid, you move your mouse overtop of a client in the Client name column, you will note that the field turns into a “jump button”.

If you select that “jump button” with that client’s name, it will jump to the client entry screen for that client as shown below.

If you select the “jump button” Workorder Status, it will jump to the Workorder Status list grid.

Or if you select the workorder number, it will open the workorder itself.

Jump buttons in entry screens can be used two ways:

With the drop down selection made, select the jump button to open “that” selections entry screen
With nothing selected in the drop down selection, select the jump button to open an empty entry screen so you can create new for selection


Create a new service workorder by selecting New… from the Service navigation pane menu
The selection screen for the client appears
If the client is not in the drop down selection, than click on the “jump” button to open an empty Client entry screen

Enter in details of this new client and save
You are returned to the client selection screen with this newly saved client listed for selection. Select OK to create a new service workorder for this client.

As the unit is not yet entered, we can select the unit “jump” button to open an empty Unit entry screen

Enter details on this unit and save

We are returned to the service workorder where we can now select that unit