Use of regions to restrict access to head office records


We are making use of the regions features to allow specific clients with access to Ayanova. The restrictions are working well but with the exception of the head office records. Even though we have set the head offices in our database to a specific region (not the DEFAULT region) - any user login can see all head offices.

Is this by design or is this an issue that can be fixed or avoided?

Thanks in advance…

Hi Jason, will have development look into thisand will post back as soon as possible.

  • Joyce

Hi again Jason, commonly a Head Office may have clients that are in different regions - i.e. a Head Office is physically located in Region 1, and has client offices physically in Region 1, Region 2 and Region 3.
For this reason, the Head Office grid by design will show all head office records regardless of the region specified for the user.

Do note that even if a Head Office that is set to a different region is showing in the Head Office grid for a user logged in that is restricted to a certain region, that user will still only see client’s of that user’s region.

For example:

Molly’s Bakery Head Office is set to Region 1, and the Molly’s Bakery Burnaby is set to Region 2 with Molly’s Bakery Head Office selected as the head office, and Molly’s Bakery Wellville is set to Region 1 with Molly’s Bakery Head Office selected as the head office.
A user logs in that is set to Region 2
That user will only see workorders for Molly’s Bakery Burnaby because Molly’s Bakery Burnaby is Region 2 also.
And that user if viewing the Head Office grid will see Molly’s Bakery Head Office because it is a head office
And that user will not see workorders for Molly’s Bakery Wellville because that client is set for Region 1
A user can filter the Head Office grid by the region if they need a report (i.e. contact list) from that grid for only Head Offices of a certain region.

Let me know if you have additional questions about this. I did notice that the Help file incorrectly stated that Head Offices are restricted from viewing based on regions, and this has been updated with the correct information now too.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for the explanation. The documentation and the fact that head offices have a field for the region to be set had caused us to think that head offices could be setup to be region specific in the same way as clients can be set.

For our use of the system it would be great if head offices could be restricted. The fact that they can not means that we have to try and avoid using head offices, and hide some forms of information so that users can not see information that they should not see.

Call it a wish list request if you like, but I can see how having head offices “regionalised” such that when in the default region they can be seen by all but when set to a specific region they are restricted to that region could be useful in lots of scenarios.

Thanks as always for the very prompt responses.

Hi again Jason, I will move this to the Wish List area for development to have.

So that development has the info they need, are you entering information about the head offices in Wiki or in the text Notes fields etc that users from other regions should not see? As workorders, quotes, etc are not able to be created for a Head Office, so wondering what and where you are entering information that users from other regions should not see?

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

It’s really the ability to see the head office at all that’s the issue. We are managing the issue by using an account number with no company info at all at present, but what would be ideal from our point of view is if head offices could be restricted to a specific region as clients are.

For example, if a head office is in the default region, anyone could see it and all it’s information. If the head office was set to a specific region, only users set to that region would see it at all.