User calendar permissions - coordinator cannot view user calendar in wbi

We set a user to coordinator group and now when he is out in the field and logs in to the WBI website he can only see his calendar. He gets an error message, don’t have it written down here, but it says something about not having permissions.

When this user is back in the office and opens the ayanova application he can view everyone’s calendar. Its only when he us logged on the website.

Any thoughts?

-Do provide the full text of the error message and confirm at what point exactly does he get the error once in WBI
-Do note that the Schedule screen via WBI is not the same view of the Schedule screen via the AyaNova program.Via WBI, the Schedule screen defaults to displaying the schedule for the schedulable user logged in, otherwise it defaults to displaying the “Unassigned” schedule. Do note that the user can still select the other schedulable users schedules by selecting their name at the top of the WBI Schedule screen.
-Is the user who is logging in a “Scheduleable User”?
-Log in via the AyaNova Administrator into WBI - does this same error message occur when doing the exact same that this other user does to get the error?
-What version of AyaNova is in use - select menu Help -> About AyaNova in the AyaNova program

  • Joyce

I will have to get him to send me the message or see if the coordinator here has time to get this for you.

Until then I can answer the other questions…

It happens as soon as he selects someone else on the calendar in ayanovawbi only.

It happens to all users who are setup as coordinator, he was a standard user who wanted to help the coordinator so his manager ask if I could give him that same permissions as her. Once I did that he could no longer view other users calendar, or schedule might be more accurate.

I ask the coordinator to go to the website and try it since she has never used the website and sure enough she gets the same error message, something about not having permissions.

the coordinator here is not a schedulable user, he is, and both are getting the same error message.

Here is the ayanovawbi version : AyaNova® WBI 3.6.0

Here is the ayanova version :

thanks Joyce, I will get a screenshot with the exact error message as soon as possible.

Hello again

Please log into WBI as the AyaNova Administrator and do the exact same thing others were doing that resulted in the error message.

It is important to troubleshoot this logged in as the AyaNova Administrator, not the coordinator or other user - as the AyaNova Administrator has full rights to everything - and this confirms for sure whether the issue is a Security Group issue or not.

Please post back the result of what occurs when logged into WBI as the AyaNova Administrator and if get the error when the AyaNova Adminstrator user selects someone else other than Unassigned in the WBI’s Schedule screen; in addition to the full text of the error message.

  • Joyce

AyaNovaWBI encountered an unexpected problem

What happened

]There was an unexpected error in the AyaNovaWBI web site. This may be due to a programming bug or installation / configuration problem.

How this will effect you

The current page will not load or continue processing the last operation.

What you can do about it

Close this page and try repeating your last action. Try alternative methods of performing the same action. If problems persist contact AyaNova support via the AyaNova technical support forum. Be sure to provide a copy of the support information below in your support request and a detailed description of the scope of the problem and what steps led to it.

The following information about the error was automatically captured:




You missed my point here, I have tried it every which way including administrator and it works fine unless you are assigned as the coordinator. And then it works in the application but not the website.

Hope this helps.

Hello again

I have been going through each Security Group object to see if I can recreate similar and have determined the following:

If the user is a “non-schedulable user” the Object.User must be set to minimum Read-Only for that user to log in via WBI and select to view other than Un-assigned in the WBI Schedule screen

  • In AyaNova, open your security group for the coordinators, set the Object.User to Read-Only (was it set to Forbidden before?) and save.
  • Now log into WBI as one of the users that are part of this security group
  • Select a schedulable user other than Unassigned - does it now allow that user to view that schedulable user’s schedule?

Do post back and let me know.

  • Joyce


The Object.User was set to forbidden for the coordinator, I followed your instructions and that fixed the issue.

Thanks so much for you quick and accurate assistance. Nothing worse than getting a dozen incorrect solutions before you finally get the right one :slight_smile:

Well done.