Using a batch file to automate re-indexing / compaction of AyaNova's Database

We currently use a batch file to stop the ARAS service and run backup of the database nightly. We would like to roll a few more lines into this file to automate the re-indexing utility as well.

Can someone help us with the proper syntax for the commands needed to accomplish this?

Hello L.P.

Indexing is an internal and highly advanced function of the AyaNova CE program and can not be run externally from the AyaNova program.

But you can utilize a batch file command to compact the AyaNova database if have Access 2000 SP1 or higher and no one is accessing the AyaNova database. Compacting is similar to defragging - it cleans up and shrinks the size of the database depending on how many records have been deleted or edited between compacting.

If you do not have MS Access version 2000 SP1 or higher, do not utilize as older versions of Access can harm the database due to a serious bug.

The command line syntax to use would be:

imsaccess.exe (path) /compact[/i]

For example, running MS Access 2003 on my local computer to compactthe local AyaNova database on my station, the batch file would contain the command line:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\msaccess.exe” “C:\Program Files\AyaNova\Database\” /compact

Let us know this works for you and if you have additional questions.

The next version AyaNova will index on the fly - managers will not need to ensure all users out and than run an indexing feature. Refer to AyaNova v3 (the next generation AyaNova) on this forum site for more information on upcoming features.