Using Continuous Feed Carbonless Forms (Dot Matrix Printer)


I am thinking about using 2 or 3-part carbonless forms for my work orders in AyaNova. Here is my question; Does anyone else here currently employ these forms? If not, and I decide to go this route, I there a way to make sure the bands are fixed and do not expand as the forms I will be using will be pre-printed.

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Hi Joshua
If you are referring to the datafields changing in size, in the report designer for the reports you create for these pre-printed forms, make sure the CanGrow and the CanShrink properties of each datafield is set to False

For example:

Open up an existing report template
In the report design panel, click on a datafield
Select the Property tab on the left
See the two properties CanGrow and CanShrink? You would set these to False
If instead you are referring to what bands show - such as Labor charges, Parts, etc; existing sample report templates such as the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total for example, have in each bands OnBeforePrint script that if there is no data, that band of preset text is to be skipped.

For example:

Open up the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total in the report designer
Click on the Detail3 band (which is directly under the DetailReportItemLabor band)
Select the Property tab to the left
Expand the Scripts property and view the OnBeforePrint script.
It has the following script which if there is no labor records, it won’t print the preset text labels
private void OnBeforePrint(object sender, System.Drawing.Printing.PrintEventArgs e)

//Don’t print band if there is no data:
//Get the id value of the record
System.Guid g=(System.Guid)DetailReportItemLabor.GetCurrentColumnValue(“ID”);

//See if it’s empty:
e.Cancel=true;//cancel this print event


So you would want to go through and remove these scripts
Also note that if your preprinted forms allow for one labor record, but your actual workorder has two labor records in the workorder item, the report designer will print out both. So keep this in mind that the report template is going to print out what you have in the workorder.

Do note that you could just get blank 2 or 3 carbonless forms instead of having them pre-printed with text that you print out the data into

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