using new quick work orders

My question is about opening new quick workorder forms. Anytime we are trying to create a work order with the New Quick workorder from, the status is set to close. When we click the icon in the upper left corner to set it to ‘in progress’, and after the form is closed, ithe status of the form goes back as being being closed.

We’ve changed the default status settings to “new” but that only works for the Standard workorders.

Can there be any other way to work around this? So that when the new quick workorder form is used, the initial status is set to ‘new’ or ‘in-progress’ until we are ready to close it manually.


Hello Thelma

We moved your question to the AyaNova CE Support forum instead of in the feature requests for the new version.

Quick format workorders are by design meant for workorders “after” the fact - workorders that are already finished.

Quick format workorders therefore default to <Closed> irregardless if you change it to <In Progress> when you first close the quick workorder.

Detailed information about quick format workorders can be found in the AyaNova Manual section “Quick Workorders” starting on page 20.

If you do wish a quick format workorder to show as <In Progress> , the quick format workorder needs to initially be exited out of, and then re-opened, and then the <Closed> toggled before the <In Progress> will “stay”.

Thanks for the response.