Using Terminal Services with V3

Has AyaNova been used with MS Terminal Services? If so, was it successful?

Hi Gary

We ourselves have not tested AyaNova v3 as compatible with terminal services.

There are a number of AyaNova CE users that use terminal services successfully. We encouage them to post their experience, any issues, or any specific steps for installation with AyaNova v3on this forum.

AyaNova v3 does have the AyaNova Data Portal utilitythat allows a remote user to use the same AyaNova.exe program on their remote computer as that used by local users inside the corporate network, continuing to share the same database

Installation and configuration are outlined in the AyaNova v3 Manual Technical section “Installation of AyaNova for a remote computer via the Data Portal”

  • Joyce

I have noticed some problems with V3 installed on WIN2003 Terminal Server. Ayanova apparently installs ok, and can be run from the console. It can also be run from a terminal if it’s not running on the console.

However if Ayanova is running in a session on the console I can’t run Ayanova from a terminal - it won’t even get to the login screen. The same result occurs on the console if a session is already running on a terminal.

We have been running AyaNova CE on the same server for a number of years, so it seems that V3 behaves differently.

Thank you Chris for posting your experiences with terminal services and AyaNova v3. We ourselves have not confirmed compatibility with terminal services and others that may use AyaNova v3 appreciate any postings made here on the AyaNova Support Forum on this topic

As above, for remote users, we offer use of the AyaNova Data Portal which allows remote users to use the same AyaNova v3 program as those within the internal network.

  • Joyce


We did get 2003 TS installed and are running V3 on it. It is working well and we have not experienced any problems with it. We have not tested the problem with someone working on V3 at the console since it is in a server room and users do not have access to it. For now all is good.

Hi Gary

Thank you for posting your experience with AyaNova and terminal services. Another potential AyaNova user was just asking about remote access using such.

  • Joyce

We used to use Ayanova CE with Citrix and it worked well. I have tried to get Ayanova CE to work with Win2K3 TS but it does not install properly. According to the FAQ’s you need 2K_XP_scpsetup.exe but I can’t get support to send me a copy … if they ever reply to my emails I will try it and let you know.


Are you sure you have been sending your emails to ?

When did you email about this? There has been two requests by registered CE users for the old installation files in the last few months only, and both were sent.

Please forward one of these previous emails to support@ayanova.comso that we cando a searchon it to see what happened.

We don’t delete incoming email, and every email that we receive gets replied to, so I find it quite strange you posted this comment.

  • Joyce

I sent 3 emails to and did not rec a reply. I will resend (a 4th time) from my gmail account…

Note to all AyaNova users:

We finally recieved the email from dstruth when he used a gmail account to send it from.

Previous emails from the user dstruthwere rejected because his email address used at that time appeared to be spam, as well as was not his registered email address (that was registered when he purchased AyaNova)

If anyone ever sends email and receives no reply, it more than likely is because it is regarded as spam and blocked, and you need to send via another email address or post here in the forum. We do get thousands of spam messages every day and it is not possible to go through every spam email to confirm if it is or not, and still provide our fast response.

  • Joyce