Using the same information for parts, units and loans

Hi Joyce,

All going well here, we are now looking to implement Ayanova for other departments.
What would be really great is a way to create a unit from a part and to be able to use an already entered unit and use the same information for a loan (Hire in our case) item.
The ideal way this could work is for example, when we receive stock from our supplier this would be entered via the “parts” option, which would then mean it would show as being in the inventory for stock take purposes. Once this item is sold, it could then be considered as a “unit”, i.e. a servicable item. Another cool feature would be the ability to use the same information to create a loan item. This would mean, in our case, the radio’s serial number, model number, etc, only need to be entered once in Ayanova and can then be internally used to create a unit, in the case of a sale, or an item for loan, in the case of a hire item.
I have looked to see if there is a way we can currently acheive this, but it appears not.
If you have any ideas it would be really appreciated.



Hi Chris, thank you for posting your suggestions and details on how you perform your service so development has a better understanding.

AyaNova does have the ability to generate a unit from a sold part via the menu option Generate Unit From Selected Part in the service workorder when have selected a specific part record in Parts in the service workorder entry screen.
See more in the online Help documentation section

  • Joyce

Ah, so thats where it is!!

I remember, we spoke about this a while back, and I was sure you said that it could be done. Is there any way we can use the same method for creating Hire (Loan) Units?

Thanks again


No, there is not a feature with AyaNova 7 or lower to generate Hire Loan Units from parts or units.

  • Joyce