VAT value


Was wondering if someone could explain how to go about changing the value of the set VAT amount. As you may have heard our government have decided to make life complicated for companies and have changed the amount from 17.5% to 15% which is to be applied from Mon 1st December (so a prompt reply would be greatly appreciated).

Alternatively if there was a way of setting up a 2nd VAT code set at 15% so we could switch between the two that would be helpful.

Hope this makes sense.

Many Thanks - Emma

Hello Emma

Once you have created and saved a Tax Code, its percentages can not be edited. You can edit the Tax Code name, or set it to inactive, but not the percentages (Tax “A” , Tax “B”, etc)

What you would do is create new Tax Codes via the Tax Code subgrid - see also the AyaNova 4 Help file section on Tax Codes

And you can create as many tax codes as you want.

If you have a question about tax codes after reviewing the AyaNova 4 Help file section, do let me know. Provide specifics on what you have done step by step in the Tax Code subgrid so that I can follow along.

  • Joyce