Vertical Scroll Bar in Unit Grid becomes nonfunctional when screen is re-sized

Hi Joyce,

When anyone here re-sizes theirUnit Grid Screento anything but “Full Screen” the vertical scroll barbecomesnonfunctional.

Wouldyou please see if you can duplicate this on your end?

I’ve attached a screenshot showing this specific scroll bar. Please note - we have localized Unit to Equipment.



Hi Bob

Nope - I am not able to reproduce.

-I am viewing my Unit grid at regular screen and I can use the vertical scroll bar
-I maximize the AyaNova screen and I can use the vertical scroll bar
-I return the screen back to its regular size, and using my mouse decrease the size of the screen so that it is as small as what you show in your screenshot - again I continue to be able to use the vertical scroll bar

I’ve tried on three completely different computers here with different monitors, different video, different OS and they all continue to show the scroll bar. Perhaps there is something specific with your specific hardware that is causing this.

NOTE: Am assuming this issue is no longer occurring has have not received any additional information from Bob. Unfortuantely, he did not post what resolved it. Ifanyone else experiences this, do provide the information requested above so that it can be reproduced, and from that determined what the issue is

  • Joyce