Viewing labor in a time window

In the “Labor” screen under Service Workorder->Items->Labor I have a need to filter out all labor by: 7 days ago, yesterday, and today. As opposed to the current and only method I know, which is manually selecting dates, is there a customer filter I could add that would do this for me?

Hi Mike

You could select the pre-set [TODAY] filter from the filter drop-down to view records that have a date of today’s date as in the screenshot below:

<P class=cite type=“cite”>At this time there isn’t a pre-set selection for [LAST 7 DAYS] or [LAST WEEK] or [YESTERDAY] for the filter - it requires that you select specific dates of existing workorders if you wish to filter for those. We use pre-made components for the filtering and have requested these be included. As soon as they are, we will have them available for AyaNova.<P class=cite type=“cite”>I’ve moved this to the Wish List area of the forum.<P class=cite type=“cite”>- Joyce

Hi again

Just going through the Wish List, and wanted to post here that the following was added in the last AyaNova v3.5 update as outlined in dir=ltr " ">

**New Feature

- Pre-set date filters now include Yesterday and Week Previous (in addition to Today, Tomorrow, Month - Current, etc etc) so that you can create a saved filter without having to manually enter in yesterday’s date in a custom filter

  • Joyce