Vista Home Basic and IIS

I am starting to install AyaNova 7 with WBI on a computer running Vista Home Basic. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

If not, is it possible to use Personal Web Server instead?

Hi Flood

WBI requirements are identified in the WBI Help documentation - for version 7 this is

IIS is required to be able to install WBI - it is my understanding that Vista Home Basic does not include IIS, only Vista Home Premium and above do.

So as such - no - you would not be able to install WBI on this operating system. You woiuld need a computer with an operating system that does.

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Thanks for your reply, Joyce. That’s what I thought, although VHB does come with a version of IIS - just not fully featured.

I wonder if you could confirm whether or not Vista Home Premium can run all the IIS elements required to use WBI. Microsoft has this page which lists the capabilities of the different versions of Vista with regard to IIS.

I personally won’t use Vista if you paid me too cause it can be very funky :slight_smile: . I adore Windows 7 and would recommend it totally before using any version of Vista.

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Thanks for your reply, Joyce. That’s what I thought. VHB does come with IIS, but not a fully featured version.

Would it be possible for you to confirm from this Microsoft page that Vista Home Premium can run all the features of IIS that AyaNova 7 WBI requires? There is no upgrade path from Home to Business, so it would be quite an additional expense and hassle to buy and install a whole new operating system.

Yes, Windows Vista Premium is capable of running WBI

Also check out the other requirements identified in such as you will also need .NET 4 installed, AyaNova networked and a static external and internal ip.

Refer to the networking section of the AyaNova Help documentation to network AyaNova. Any questions, do include which database server steps you following, details of the steps completed up to point of your question, copy of ayalog.txt file from the AyaNova program folder, and details to help me understand the context of the question.

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Hi again Flood, was there another question I can help with?

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Yes! I posted another question yesterday evening! I assumed it didn’t show up immediately because it had a link in it - I got a message about waiting for a moderator to approve it.

Anyway, rather than risk linking again, Microsoft has a page which lists all the features of IIS that are available in the various versions of Windows Vista - if you do a search for “microsoft iis roles vista” with Google, it should be the first result. I was hoping that from that list you could confirm that the features of Vista Home Premium are enough to run WBI successfully. IIS is available for Home Basic, but with very few features. Home Premium, on the other hand, has the majority of features available.


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