WAN Environment

I currently have the trial version set up and running standalone, butwe’re interested in testing AyaNova in a distributed environment. We have field offices in 5 locations in the eastern US, and would probably have 10-15 users. Actually, probably a third of the users will be at the same site as the server hosting the database, which we’re thinking will be SQL Server Express.

How well does the Windows interface perform in this environment, or should we be thinking about using the Web interface?

Will we be able to test the Web interface at the time we request the 30-day key.

Thanks, in advance.



For remote offices, you have two options - using the AyaNova Data Portal and/or using the optional add-on WBI (web browser interface).

Overview of these two can be found on http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNovaRemoteAccess.htm

In basic, remote users accessing via the Data Portal run the same full AyaNova program on their computers but connect through the Data Portal to the database. The Data Portal has been optimized as much as possiblefor slow WAN speeds, but do note that it would be slower than accessing within the local area network - i.e. 100MBps LAN connection vs 1MBps WAN connection

Remote users accessing via WBI just use any regular web browser and Internet connection to your WBI URL. When the WBI user logs in, the AyaNova features are presented on web pages. There are some differences in how you submit data (as it is a web page rather than a Windows program) and those are identified in the WBI Manual.

There is no charge for using the AyaNova Data Portal - download from http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm with installation instructions in the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Installation of AyaNova for a Remote Computer via the Data Portal” starting page 572

The optional add-on WBI is a flat $399 regardless of the number of users that use it. Download from http://www.ayanova.com/wbidownload.htm with installation and use outlined in the WBI Manual from the same web page.

By all means when you request a 30 day temporary keycode via support@ayanova.com , also identify that you would like to try out WBI as well as provide the total number of scheduleable users, and the temporary keycode sent to you will have both the schedulable user licenses plus the WBI license so that you can fully try out AyaNova and its optional add-on WBI

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Joyce