Warranty date on workorder dispatch

Hi, how would I put the date the warranty expires for a particular item in the workorder dispatch form. We need this so that the service technicians would know if the item they are servicing is still under warranty or not.

I can’t seem to find the related field for this.



When you select a Unit in a workorder, the warranty information displaying in the workorder is based on the date right now compared to the warranty information of the unit model based on the purchased date of the unit (or if overridden of the unit itself) - but the warranty information field that displays in the workorder is not available as a datafield for selection in a report template. Warrenty info has to be calculated by retrieving a full unit and unitmodel objects and running through various scenarios to determine if it’s warrantied or not - including this in the report template would decrease the printing time easily by a factor of ten. Also it’s not static, you could print a report for dispatch that says it’s warrantied for so long, then print a copy of the workorder a year later and it then shows it’s out of warranty.

A suggestion so that users given only a printed dispatch report known the warranty type of serviceis that you create Unit Service Types that identify the type of unit service when the unit is selected in the workorder, and have thisprint in the dispatch report- as the warranty information displaying changes depending on when you view the workorder . dir=ltr " "><P dir=ltr " ">For example: today the unit may still be under warranty, but when you view the workorder three months later, the unit may no longer be under warranty - because the warranty information that shows in the workorder is based on the date you are viewing the workorder.<P dir=ltr " ">By selecting the actual Unit Service Type that is applicable at the time service is set for the unit , you are able to state what type of service at the time service is actually set for that unit . dir=ltr " "><P dir=ltr " ">For example: create Unit Service Types such as Warranty Service and Non-Warranty Service (from main navigation pane menu Subgrids -> Unit Service Types)<P dir=ltr " ">Than when a workorder is created and a unit is selected for service, the warranty information will show based on that date - and the person creating the workorder would select the type of Unit Service Type that is appropriate at that date - whether Warranty Service or Non-Warranty Service.

Than you can edit the Sample Dispatching Report template to include the Unit Service Type datafield.

I’ve included here a link to download a Sample Dispatching Report with Unit Service Typereport template that includes the Unit Service Type datafield added within Detail2 of the DetailReportItem area.<P dir=ltr " ">- Joyce

Hello Joyce,

Thanks for your usual very prompt reply.

What I need to put is just the date up to which the warranty is valid and not determine if the unit is still under warranty or not.

Can’t we just get the purchase date, which pops up when we push the unit button on the work order and at the number of months from the item model itself so that we canput it in the report.

Thanks very much again.


I can certainly put your suggestion onto the list to be available in a future release.

[Forum Note: AyaNova 4 now includes the Unit’s Purchased Date datafield in detailed report templates for the workorder]

We encourage feature requests and enhancements to be posted in the AyaNova v3 Wish List http://forum.ayanova.com/Forum65-1.aspxwhere all suggestions will be reviewed during product development and great ideas will be short-listed for future development

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